There are many great places to eat in Austin and Guero’s Taco Bar is at the bottom of the list…read on for those that deserve the accolades!

I know, I know! What a great picture this is! Walking up to Guero’s Taco Bar, you get the sensation that the atmosphere is totally kickin, the food smells delicious, and the music (can’t go anywhere in this town without music) sounds like home! My bf and I had his mom and his sister in […]

Austin, Texas restaurant recap!

Ok kids. I was talking w/ bf the other day and he suggested that I recap the restaurant reviews that I have posted so far. While I love to give props to those institutions that I love, I like to keep the devil close when I revisit the establishments that pissed me off…so here goes… […]

Bossa*Nova in Austin, Texas has made the boycott list!

Oh shit, you guys know that I hate doing this kind of stuff, but I did email the owner to try and kiss and make up, and I have received no response, which leads me to believe that he could give a fuck about making his customers happy. Join the club, buddy. The feeling is […]