Amy Winehouse parties Pete Doherty style after his gig at the forum in Kentish Town…

That’s right…these two hung out after his show that was the celebratory fest to recognize his release from jail. Pete played with Babyshambles. Wait, where the hell is Blake incarcerated when Pete closes in for this lepar kiss, and what the hell is going on with these two?

Amy Winehouse should have listened to Whitney Houston…”Crack is Wack”!

Source: The Sun UK Crack addict Amy, 24 — whose looks have been ravaged by drugs — also had cuts on her arm as she popped out near her London home. A source said: “Amy has admitted she needs to check into rehab again. “There are too many temptations for her in the UK — […]

Amy Winehouse goes “gas chamber”…aka…snorts liquor!

Linsday who? Now this bitch is on to something. Forget coke and whiskey, Amy’s style is straight to the source. The new party animal. Pete Doherty style!

***Grammy’s Update***Amy Winehouse

WHOA…that bitch is fucking high. Amazing talent, beautiful voice, and high as a mother fucker. Rad.

Amy Winehouse is reportedly in rehab…

The police are not sure what to make of the videos of Amy smoking crack, but her record label is reporting that the song-bird is in fact…ta da…in rehab. FUCKING FINALLY, YOU LOONY BITCH!