WTF…Heath Ledger DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TMZ is reporting that Heath’s maid found him dead this afternoon.  No word on any reasons yet.  Updates to come.  CNN is reporting that he was found at 3pm in his Manhattan apartment.  Sad shit.  He was fucking ridiculous hot.

it makes me feel really old when shit like this happens.

Update:  police are confirming that there were prescription pills found strewn around Heath’s bed when the paramedics arrived.  TMZ is reporting that when they arrived, the 28 year old actor was in full cardiac arrest and they could not help him.

Update:  Heath was reportedly in a residence that was owned by Mary-Kate Olsen.  The paramedics are now saying that when they arrived, they found his body face down with no apparent signs of trauma.

Update:  I am a single girl sitting in my little bungalow in east Austin trying to mind my own business and go about my daily routine…which isn’t much to write about in itself, and I like it that way so, should you not have enough tragic chronicling of the life and death of Heath Ledger…please visit…I don’t know how they do it, but those guys are fucking on top it!

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