Review: Zandunga Mexican Bistro Austin!!!


Zandunga - East Austin

Zandunga is the second child for the east Austin staple, Mi Madre’s.  It has been several months since our trip here, so it’s a bit hard for me to recall many specifics.  I will say this though, I realllly wanted to like it, beacuse I love Mi Madre’s and I think that the family has done great things for the breakfast tacos…

We started our dinner with the Agave Margaritas.  They were good, but I am not really all that in to fancy drinks.  Gimme a fuckin shot of Jameson and a Lone Star, por favor…Appetizer was the Yucca Frita, perfectly fried and lightly salted yucca chips with an assortment of chutnied accoutrements, tasty!  To be totally honest with you, it several bong hits ago and I cannot for the life of me recall what either Amigo or I ate.  But….I do know that the portions were large, the salsa is HOT, and the potato stack was perfection!  Zandunga is a bit pricey if you are trying to be wallet friendly, but, it’s good.  (Sorry!)

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