Q: What do Anthony Bourdain and Doughnuts have in common?

yes, that is maple and bacon doughnut!
yes, that is maple and bacon doughnut!

A: AUSTIN!  My most favorite “celebrity” chef…i use that term lightly, is in town for a speaking event, a book signing, and he is also filming an episode for his Travel Channel morsel of righteousness, No Reservations!  I saw him speak about two years ago and it was one of the most memorable events of my lifetime…so far.  All twenty six years of my life on this planet.

Anywhoooo, this year his show sold out in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and were subsequently being sold to idiot fans on craigslist for $400…EACH! No fuckin way I’d be getting away with that one. So I decide to sit back and see if I could virtually stalk him with the help of my friend’s and their social networking addictions. (Of which I have zero offense to as I am currently at the office…and blogging)

Last night Tony stopped in at Eastside Kings (a late night Asian fusion trailer with, ah hem, a FULL bar – I fucking love this town), this afternoon he filmed a show at a south Austin food trailer, Gourdough’s Donuts, and tomorrow he is set to eat at newly erected Franklin BBQ.  All trailers!  Austin has a ton of them and they just keep ’em comin…which is fine by me!  I have never been to the places listed above, so I have my work cut out for me!

I made an attempt to go see Anthony film this afternoon.  I had a helluva time driving and looking for the addresses, so after texting a friend for logistical help, and receiving her return text stating that it was packed and there were too many hipsters in line, I suddenly remembered a very memorable moment from SXSW 2010! 

The GLITTERBILLIES , original rap, are Gadi Gaster, a Hebrew/Mexican HOTTIE, and DJ Dylan Camero, equally hot, but I prefer dark meat…and they have two songs that I simply adore…The Riverside Slide and Hipstirs.  Please Please check them out here!

How did we end up here?  Cuz it’s true…..hipters are all over my town!

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