Happy Birthday to me…I am officially still young enough to kick some major ass. Who wants some?

I will begin by saying that I want to thank my mom for bringing me into this beautiful (mostly) world and my dad (really my step-dad, but he’s the only one that counts) for putting up with my bull shit for so long.  Both of you deserve major applause for this, what I am sure to be, one giant feat.

I am aquarius, but not through and through.  As my bday sits on the cusp of capricorn, I find that I resemble many of those traits as well.  However, I do admit to being a realist, seriously motivated, and a big giant bitch.  I’ll tell you like I think you should hear it, and I much pretty shut down on the recip!  🙂 

On my 27th bday all I did was cry.  (that was actually the day of my first enagagement…not exactly related…i dont think)  When I turned 30 I rejoiced.  They are “the” years, right?  And today, as I turn 29, I must say, I feel fabulous!  I have a life ahead of me that is filled with kindness, warmth, love, happiness, and excitement.  I am engaged to the amigo of my dreams and my friends and family are the fucking coolest people on this earth. 

Now, that was the sweet capricorn side of me…it’s time to let the aquarian in me weave some reality back into this world. 

On my way into the office this morning I picked up a copy of the latest US magazine.  Yes, I even read it in its entirety (it’s 10am).  Kate Gosselin says that she “hates” her $7k hair extensions.  Um, well yeah.  Why anyone would get them in the first place (minus Brittney – she needed them) is beyond me.  She thinks they look damaged and fried.  Yes, indeed they are.  IT’S FAKE HAIR, you silly honky!


Ok, next on the list is heiress Casey Johnson.  She died!  Her “several day-old” corpse was found in a friend’s home in LA on January 2, 2010.  The article explains that she lived a life of regret becasue she never broke into the industry as pals Paris, Nicole, and the likes.  She was however engaged to bi-sexual reality tv stat Tila Tequila for a hot minute.  Basically, what I am saying here is that, no…if your body is not found for several days after your death, and people are just now reading about it 19 days later…you were pretty far from fame.  Apparently you were so un-famous that your own friends and family didn’t realized you went AWOL.  Oopsie…maybe you can try again in the after-life.


Next, all I have to say is that I thinking about all of those in Haiti, what I am going to buy at the mall today, and most of all, how badly my hangover could be tomorrow. 

Cheers – Spread the love, kids…


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