Courtenay Semel claims to be Lindsay Lohan’s first lezbo love…


That’s the word around town. Lesbians rule…

Courtney Semel has allegedly claimed that she was actress Lindsay Lohan’s first lesbian lover. Semel, the daughter of Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel, says she and Lohan secretly dated before the ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ star began dating Sam Ronson.

“Everyone thinks Samantha is Lindsay’s first lesbian love, but we were very passionate until her fear of being found out drove us apart. At the time she was terrified her career would be over if she revealed her sexual tendencies,” Semel says. “But then Samantha came on the scene and I was dropped.”

Meanwhile, Lohan is rumored to be planning to wed Ronson this fall. Sources claim the pair will tie the knot in California before the end of the year.

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