Barron Hilton, brother of Paris, in trouble w/ the law


First of all, this one got hit w/ the ugly stick for sure.  Not like Paris is so wonderful to look at, but at least she wears enough make-up to make her bearable…oh yeah, she also likes to show her hoo ha…people like that.

Anyways, yes, Barron Hilton, 18 yo brother of Paris and Nicky (and other siblings who are yet to cause much trouble, hence the reason I have no idea what their names are) was busted w/ a DUI this morning at 8:30 am in LA.  Whoa.  Still blowing a .12 at 8:30 am?  That is what I call impressive. 

Not much else has been said about Barron or what his consequences will be.  It’s really not all that exciting b/c the entire time I was writing this, I was really wondering how is that I am the only mother fucker on earth who has not seen “One Night In Paris”.  I need to get my priorities straight.

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