A Trick of All Trades…

So, the owner of our house is putting it on the market for financial reasons. I think this is total bananas considering the market, but this dude never struck me as brilliant by any means…anywhooo, in order to prepare the house for selling, he is doing some cosmetic work. For the duration of our time here on the east side, he has always had the wackest people do work for him. This time, he is having the driveway widened. The brother he had out there working had a wheel barrow (sp?) but no car. And, no teeth…well, he had two…albeit they were indeed gold.  I had to go out and investigate.   Being true to my nosey-ass self, I gotta ask everyone a zillion questions so I know all about them as soon as I meet them. So I did. I asked him if he did contract work for a living, he replied…”I do lots of thangs, I guess you could say that I am just a trick of all trades”.

That was the most fabulous thing I had heard all day.

and p.s, he is not a trick at cleaning up his mess.

GBJ…sick w/ strep throat, but sippin on that syzzurp.

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