24 Diner: Austin, Texas

I would like to begin by saying that this place should be packed next week for SXSW, however, with the amount of cocaine that is consumed during those four days, I’d be impressed if they stayed marginally steady. Once the locals have succumbed to sleep and quiet – it will be packed again, assured!

Occupying the former Waterloo Icehouse location @ 6th and Lamar, sits a lovely modern day 24 hour diner. Much better than that little shit hole down the road, anyways. I had the chicken and waffles and it was fabulous. Perfectly crispy chicken breasts sitting atop a just-sweet-enough homemade belgium waffle, too good to be true. When the maple bourbon butter (yeah, i said it), chicken fried morsels, and syrup all combined, it was a little slice of food heaven. Amigo had the breakfast platter and it was just as divine, (and yeah, while it should be rather simple to make a good breakfast, some joints just can’t seem to do it right. Case in point: The Omelettry. They manage to fuck up their namesake, what a shame).  Anywhoo, the potatoes were tiny chopped homefries and seasoned to perfection, the small plate of fruit was fresh and did not taste checmical-laden, the bacon was perfectly crisped and the eggs looked alright…for someone that does not like eggs.

The 24 Diner also partakes in Austin’s favorite hobby of drinking with a Tuesday night Pint Night which boasts 1/2 off all draft beers (Fireman’s 4, Full Moon, Pale Ale, Brooklyn Lager, and many others) from 10pm until midnight.

This hot spot warms my heart with their Wednesday Wine night as well. 1/2 price on all of the diner’s self proclaimed “eclectic wine list” wines as well as 1/2 off select bottles, also from 5pm until midnight.

I don’t say this very often, but it’s a must. Check out the full menu here.

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