Sienna Miller goes topless!

If you like ’em small and cute, boys and girls, thank for these pics!  NSFW I wanna go to the beach.

Michelle Rodriguez hits the beach…

Sans alcohol monitoring device.  Plus incredible abs!

David Beckham’s LA Galaxy vs DC United….

David’s abs win the game!  I had a friend call me up this weekend to tell me that she was at a game and that when he took off his shirt it was mesmerizing.  Although that does indeed sound delish, I was too busy have a good time of my own.  Maybe someday, Becks, maybe […]

Carmen Electrifies a bikini!

You are my hero C!

Fiona Apple leaving her Charlotte show…

Given the right conditions…and considering the stars are not in my favor for this lifetime…I’d totally do her!

On Again…yawn…

Blink 182 drummer and wife, or ex-wife, Shana Moekler are back on.  Damn he’s HOT!


click here…Attention!  NSFW!

Nicole speaks about going to jail!

Clcik here for the TMZ interview with Diane Sawyer this morning!  PS, I had no idea that Joel Madden was such a dog!

Rosario, Gwyneth and Liv…Oh My! The ladies of Comic Con were out!

If you were to look up MILF in the dictionary, this is what you should see…

Instead, this is what you get…not even close to Mrs. Seal. Heidi Klum on the new cover of the UKs Arena Magazine.  Dude, theree kids and she looks like this?  Her and Brooke Burke must have sold their souls!  I’d do it.