Hell has a new resident…Charlton Heston bit it last night…

Yep, that’s right…this big old, gun-fan, anti-human, ass-hole died last night at his home at the ripe old age of 83. No one knows why. My guess is that the devil needed a new right hand man. Fuck you man, now Columbine can Rest In Peace!

Kate Moss steps out for some holiday…getting fucked up!

She does not look happy.  She was at the Groucho w/ bf Jamie Hince.  All black.  So chic.  I love her.  I know you do too.

As to not dissapoint and misrepresent myself or GBJ…

I should clarify that it was pointed out to me that a vegan does suck down a bowl of queso.  Fuck.  My bad.  Look, I don’t steer clear from meat and dairy for the animal’s sake…don’t click here if you have a weak belly… I do it for allergy reasons.  And I just feel better in […]

Whoa…Bono is fat!

But that doesn’t stop Helena and Penelope from being all up in his shit…It must be that St. Tropez air…

Yay! It’s out, It’s Out…Naomi an Liev have a baby!

If you believe a fucking word that Life and Style says…here you go!

Adam Sandler and Kevin James are still out and about….

In support of their new movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry!