My Bojie is growing up so fast!

and just cuz I love everyone equally…here is a picture of my other baby, trixie… The sweetest calico you ever knew!

Bojangles is growing faster than ever…but she is still so damn bad!

That’s right. She’s so bad. She plays this crazy feet chasing game on the covers…ALL FUCKING NIGHT LONG…my other cat, Trixie, has decided to teach her how to beg for food early in the morning as well. Oh god, what did I do?

Little Bojangles had her one week anniversary at the house last night…

And I celebrated by getting tore up…ugh…my head is killing me!

Bojie’s Second Day at Home!

She’s a heavy drinker… Scrunchers! That is what *bnd* would say! She’s a Daddy’s girl. He said that she already asked to borrow the car yesterday. For real. I will chronicle Ms. Bojangles’s life here. Please bare with me. If you can’t handle the overload of adorable, go suck a dick!

Introducing little Ms. Bojangles…

And here is exactly why I have not been updating very well…I have my hands full w/ an 8 week old Maine Coon kitten and she is a bloody terror! Thankfully, she’s a cutie pie! We call her Bojie. She’s adorable!