Jenny From the Block is either knocked up or she’s one fat bitch!

WTF? Does she really think that we don’t know her “secret”. Spit it bitch, this shit is so fucking annoying. ps…of course, inside I am secretly wishing that she is just fat. I love when beautiful thin people blow up. Love.

Back Up folks…LL says she’s innocent and the blow in her pocket is actually not hers!

This is nearly too comical to continue…Please read the CNN link and see how LaLo is trying to weasel out of this one.  The blow not yours?  Why did you run off to rehab?  To prevent yourself from going to jail?  Excuses excuses…they don’t work here Ms. LL, I’m not buyin it. But still, please […]

LaLohan arrested AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, this is pure fucking entertainment.  Apparently, arrested last night around 2am on charges of DWI, possession of a “controlled” substance…wonder what that could be…and of course, driving on a suspended license.  Way to go LL!  You are definitely keeping me busy today!  Keep it up girlfriend.  Your train wreck of an ass is doing […]

Lindsay Lohan likes drugs? Get out…

According to and others, Lohan likes drugs.  I am laughing so hard at this new revelation that I cannot type anymore.  Please, read on for yourselves.  And don’t forget the favorite jabber at the end…a batman belt?  I love you Tyler Durden! “The New York Post, Metro UK and Star Magazine all now […]

Oh…Paris, Did you say you don’t do drugs?

Ok, so, yes, I have heard of the camera adding 10 lbs…but, putting weed in your mouth…and making you inhale?  preposterous! Ah Oh, Paris…not unlike The Brit…has her own category too!  Yay!