I have a new nickname for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes…Fruit Roll-up…

Here’s part of the reason why…she’s still at it!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are ridiculous!

This picture so made me laugh. On the red carpet in LA last night for the premiere of Ben Stiller’s controversial film, Tropic Thunder. First of all, why on earth would you ever want to be that much taller than you man? She needs to take the heels off! Second of all, why would you […]

It’s Friday, and Katie Holmes still looks like an asshole!

what the hell is she thinking? all week long (for real, every damn day) we have had to witness the worst attempt of the worst fashion comeback EVER! the pegged jeans look will never come back, and personally, i would never wear any fad that was brought back by this strange monster. stop it already, […]