Eva Longoria Parker and Leah Remini suck on fags!

Eva was in PR for a wedding over the long holiday w/e. And she is a smoker, who knew! I love it! and so is… I am surprised that that bitch Mrs. Skeletor allowed a little ciggie smoke anywhere near her precious being… I love me a smoker!

Today is a good day…Denise Richards is blowing up!

Since he won’t let me steal his pics, I will have to give you the link and you will have to do the leg work on your own, but holy cellulite kids, Denise Richards is about to be a lard ass! Here is a pic of J.Lo explaining how she feels about it!

Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony (aka Skeletor) birth alien twins

Yes, that seems to be the biggest news of the day! What a sad sad world we live in homies…