Seal opens the door for wife, Heidi Klum

Get the fucking, picture, boys? I mean, god damn, what’s so hard about being a fucking gentleman these days? It makes all the other bull shit you guys do just a little bit easier to deal with. And yes, we deal with it.

Ashley Olsen has really cool friends

Like French shoe designer Christian Louboutin.  He designs the sickest shoes ever.  Move over Manolo. I am obsessed with his signature red soles.

Posh’s ring is a monster!

Look here boys…THIS is a ring!

The Pitt-Jolie crew was out in Chicago this weekend….

I am sue that you have all heard the rumors around so far.  I just thought I’d post this pic as it is not too often we see the entire brood together. However, let me take this moment to point a couple of issues I have with this picture…. 1.  Why the hell is Shiloh’s […]

Good Night To All…

Little Miss Sunshine just came on…I feel a good cry about to hit!  Sweet Dreams.

Happy Belated 18th Birthday to Harry Potter…or daniel, whatever your real name is.

Ashton Kutcher is so hot…

w/out that really old, reworked, wrinkly, plastic, mother of the ugliest bitch in the world, bag by his side. Sure she may be hot to many, but you can’t even begin to convince me that someone his age…or mine…wouldn’t rock his fucking world. Hopefully she’ll die soon…she’s like 100…and give the rest of us a […]

Penelope has a fun life…

Last we saw she was in Paris shopping and looking like a million bucks and now she is taking a dip at her pool on the Spanish island of Ibiza….. …and I am sitting in my cube writing about it, wondering if I am going to eat breakfast or starve myself today, while it’s raining outside […]

Nick Lachey hails a limo for he and love Vanessa Minnillo

Apparently these two are fresh off the plane from “luxury condo” shopping in NYC…….hmmmmm

Harry Potter, for the kids…and the gigantic nerds!

The Potter trio step out to view their own film in 3D…  btw, it’s ok, nerds are sexy.