Heidi Klum is the new face of Jordache

Way hotter than the break-out ads of the late 70’s, but she cannot do for these horrid stretches of fabric what Becks has done for American soccer.  Hey, how about this.  Let’s put him a in a pair of skin tight, dark rinsed, skinny jeans and see how they explode!  Ok wait.  One last look […]

Kanye West is a total douche-bag…

Need I explain?

Britney can do no right….

Seriously. you. idiot.  Put some fucking correct clothes on.  Come on, just once.  Look it’s easy…You have a cute white eyelet dress.  Put on a slip.  Was that hard.  They make trashy slips.  They also make sexy slips.  You can still be WT, just stop showing us what you got under there.

Joel Madden loves his Gucci!

Here’s a random thought:  If he can afford to have a Gucci man purse, why the hell can’t he find a belt that is more function than fashion?  I just don’t get what these boys are thinking when they wake up in the morning and decide that having your pants hang under your ass with […]

Jennifer Garner is the cutest thing in the world…

Could you imagine what this world would be like if the legend of The Bennifer were ongoing in reality…OMG, thank goodness that boy made a wise choice for a wife…JLo goes well w/ Skeletor, he accentuates her tanorexic skin and gigantic ass! Meanwhile, Mrs. Affleck, fresh from her return from Hawaii, steps out w/ a […]

Jessica Simpson debuts her swimwear line in Miami this w/e

WTF?  I don’t know about this.  I would personally never wear anything with her name on it, I am afraid even her garments my jinx my shit.  To each his own.

Penelope Cruz hits The City of Lights!

She is so chic…always!

Marilyn Manson w/ lass Rachel Leigh Cook

These two step out in trench coat mafia style and take on La Paris!

The Men of The MTV evening…

As I am a cougar, Shia is my prey…Tyrese, ok, and Josh Duhamel sticks his thing in Fergie…I wouldn’t touch that for money. Jay…always looks great! The cause of many fights between Laguna Beach’s blonde bitches, Kristin and LC, Stephen Coletti seems to be getting along just fine w/out either one of those gals…Just fine!

Ladies of the awards…The MTV Movie awards, that is

Amy Winehouse rocks my world.  For some reason the burlesque-types really do it for me.  The Hills’s Heidi Montag and her totally obnoxious tool bag of a boyfriend, Spencer…need to fall in a hole…soon! Ex-Laguna Beach hottie, Kristin Cavalerri rival, and Spencer hater…Lauren “LC” Conrad looks quite ethereal on the carpet…