Life Lesson boys and girls…TRIM YOUR NOSE HAIRS!

Vince doesn’t, but you definitely should.  Especially if I know you.  I’ll make fun of you for that shit.  Don’t give me a reason to get raw.  I’ll make you cry.

Rumor Willis got hit w/ the ugly stick

Smoking is cool kids, don’t let this alien convince you otherwise!

Where the hell is Britney’s stylist

Look people…this bitch just can’t seem to get it right.  W-T-F has she got on?  Geez, it’s just gas.  No Need to fake it for the photogs, we all know you are a crazy coke whore.

Britney can’t seem to keep anything down these days!

An open letter to Isaac Cohen, RUN! Love, GBJ

Lindsay Lohan shows off her crotch…AGAIN

Holy shit, when is this going to stop?  She is such a dirty whore.  If you are wondering, this is what she looked like before you passed out.  Big difference.

Is Heather Locklear wearing panties?

Wow, that’s somethin huh? All I can say is that I hope I look like that when I am her age. Panties or not.