Britney Spears is in the hospital again…resting…

That’s right boys and girls, the cheetoh lovin, K-Fed hatin, baby mama is back at Cedars-Sinai today resting.  The pop tart was whisked out of her LA home from a side entrance and taken to the hospital for some sort of psychological evaluation.  This is getting old.  Lindsay Lo needs to start drinking again…oh wait, […]

Jamie Lynn follows Spears family tradition…young, dumb, hoe!

This girl is totally fucked!  Just look at her role models for crying out loud.  At least she decided to get her GED.  She must already know that her career is over and is preparing to serve Frosty’s to help support her bastard child!  Go Spears!  GBJ wouldn’t be nearly as cool w/ out you […]

I am not yankin your chain, fuckers! Britney has lost her damn mind!

  Britney showed up late to her deposition on Thursday, but we didn’t know how badly things were about to devolve. She was with her boys in the afternoon and supposed to hand them back to Kevin at 7 pm. Instead she apparently locked herself in her house with SP and JJ refusing to give […]

Britney fought the law…and the law won…

Also, according to Extra, when they asked how she was doing she shouted, ““Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*%k it!” ok…apparently  she says this in court at her latest child custody hearing.  Now, as much as I would love to believe it, I am here to tell you all to take this w/ a […]

Here goes the train wreck! Brit got her lips inflated.

While not even a little bit surprised considering all the cover-up shots from last week, I would still much rather see these lips than her others (NSFW) she likes to flaunt around for the world to see. Yum…

Britney loses her kids…

Britney’s once a week overnight visits w/ Sean P and Jayden J have been revoked by an LA judge.  Now, as we can all imagine what is going on here, has summed it all up for us… Thank you Tyler Durden! “It’s not entirely clear right now how Britney violated the order (drugs) and […]

Britney has one bad weave job!

Fo Shizzle!  YIKES!

Britney’s hoo-ha still wants to par-tay!

Wanna See?  I ain’t showin it, by sure is!  Thanks for the love. btw…when you make nearly a mil per month, you’d think she may have a digital camera.  or a fucking telescope that shoots death rays…something.  A disposable?  You can take the trash out of the country, but you can’t take the country […]

Yep, Britney is still a freak!

What happened to that comeback? I had such faith in this wee one. Oh well. Too late. ps…just so you know.  Brit Brit was not on her way to a costume party w/ this get up.  Shit is for real, ya’ll!

Britney back in rehab?

Word around town…well, at least at Dana’…is that Brit Brit has failed her first random drug test and is back in the rehab scene. I would love nothing more than to hear it’s true. This pic was taken Friday as Ms. Spears left her lawyer’s office.  This bitch needs some serious meds. Yes, I am […]