Who wants to assassinate Sara Palin more than me?

Plenty of people!!!! And this is only one reason why… WHAT. THE. FUCK?  She stands for everything that I don’t.  And not only that, but she is a bigger idiot than George W.  (and who even knew that that was remotely possible)?  I am at a loss for words.  Separate church and state and let […]

Cupcake Wars, Trailer Trash, Bar Brawls and Ice Cream…

The Good, the Bad, and the Juicy is not only a space for me to rave about the wonderful ins and outs of this city I call home, but as many of you know, it’s also a community bulletin board in which I express the good, the bad and the juicy about city-wide occurrences.  A […]

Vichyssoise (and so much more) @ OLIVIA – Austin

I was fortunate enough to have a working lunch today with a wonderful woman – at Olivia.  Named, by Bon Appetit Magazine, as one of the Top Ten New Restaurants in America for 2009. Upon walking in, I was delightfully greeted by a garden at the back of the building.  You know what that means…FRESH! (or at […]

Franklin’s BBQ – Austin, Texas

Howdy ya’ll! I realize that it has been a while since I promised that review on the Franklin BBQ trailer, so here goes. I have actually been twice now. And mind you, I am not the world’s biggest BBQ fan! First of all, go only when you have plenty of time to stand in line.  […]

The Great Outdoors Nursery and The Garden Distrcit Cafe + Butterflies!

  First I will begin by saying that I am newly obsessed with The Great Outdoors Nursery and the cafe that also sits on the property, The Garden District.  I like to go for lunch because it’s right by my office and makes for a mini-vacay in the middle of my otherwise stressful (what a […]

Q: What do Anthony Bourdain and Doughnuts have in common?

A: AUSTIN!  My most favorite “celebrity” chef…i use that term lightly, is in town for a speaking event, a book signing, and he is also filming an episode for his Travel Channel morsel of righteousness, No Reservations!  I saw him speak about two years ago and it was one of the most memorable events of my […]

SXSW – Austin, Texas…I hugged a hot trannie!

Ugh, where to start. Wednesday, St Patty’s Day, ( I don’t have a lick of Irish in me, but they do make fabulous whiskey) was a night thing because I had to work all day. After work I went downtown and drank my face off by myself, well, not by myself – with the other […]

LaCondesa – Austin, Texas

This past weekend I was in the mood for brunch…on Saturday.  I had heard that Lambert’s BBQ did a fine Saturday brunch, so the bf and I weaved our way through the Austin Farmer’s Market to Lambert’s Downtown Fancy BBQ.  Seems they decided to change things up a bit and offer brunch on Sunday only.  […]

Why cain’t us Texas folk drive?

For real, guys. Today it was drizzling, dark and cloudy on my way home from work. I turned on the radio for the weather forecast, and low and behold, there were like 20 accidents in town…Ok, so, Texans (along w/ women, asians, and drunks) are known for our inability to drive…so how come, whenever the […]

Sunday brunch and an art outing in Austin, Texas!

I worked very hard yesterday. I needed something to write about so I decided to get my lazy ass off the couch and hit the pavement. If you happen to be headed to the ATX for some SXSW fun, these two precious locations should be high on your TDL. (to do list, duh) The afternoon […]