Time Flies…when you’re tired as shit!

I have made it my new goal to continue on with GBJ. Trust mama when she says that there is more than plenty of material to keep us going for a while.. The little peanut is nearly 1.5, I am still married to amigo, and we've managed to keep up with our mortgage payments! I'd say, life is in full swing! I am currently (and majorly, like a crazy girl) obsessing over the following … [Read More...]

Pho Dan is pho-king delicious!

I am going to be honest here....I DO NOT like nor do I trust Asian cuisine, I just don't.  I can't be diggin' on a place that hangs naked ducks in the windows (Enticement?  I don't think so.) or on a … [Read More...]

Review: Zandunga Mexican Bistro Austin!!!

  Zandunga is the second child for the east Austin staple, Mi Madre's.  It has been several … [Read More...]

GBJ Soap Opera Update…

Phew, sorry about that ya'll! I done went and got hitched to amigo, bought a house (HEADACHE, but … [Read More...]

Review: #19 Bus – Austin

The food trailer has become somewhat of a local revolution, they are everywhere.  Some are good, … [Read More...]